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Creative Path

Raised in close proximity to the Greater Philadelphia Area, Joseph's journey into the world of art commenced early in life. At the tender age of 5, he took to skateboarding, while at 9, he discovered his passion for photography, allowing him to intricately capture the essence of street art and skate culture. While initially pursuing a dual degree in Psychology and Finance at La Salle University, he made the pivotal decision to shift gears after two years in favor of a full-time artistic pursuit.


Joseph formally entered the realm of fine art in 2018, initially as a pastime. However, his passion soon became an all-encompassing endeavor, with most of his free hours devoted to nocturnal painting sessions. In 2020, an unexpected change in circumstances led to the establishment of the Mcclozkey Art Studio on North Wayne Avenue, providing him with a creative outlet and an opportunity to explore entrepreneurship.


Embarking on his journey as a professional artist in search of clientele, Joseph embarked on a quest to define a signature style that would deeply resonate with his audience. His creative evolution eventually led to the development of a unique artistic language, known as "love language," characterized by Roman numeral encryption. This cryptic form of expression involves translating words, quotes, and personal journal entries into numeric code using a T9 cellphone keypad, where each number corresponds to a letter. The resulting compositions often resemble intricate bodies of text, hieroglyphics, or even binary code.


Within each meticulously crafted painting lies the intention to explore profound subjects, including psychology and the growth mindset, among others. His portfolio spans a spectrum from vibrant and abstract compositions to striking monochromatic works, skillfully informed by his study of modern interior design aesthetics and influenced by abstract art luminaries such as Jean Michel Basquiat.

Joseph's artistic achievements encompass prominent displays in distinguished galleries and exclusive private members clubs within the Hamptons. Furthermore, his masterpieces find their place of prominence in an array of healthcare organizations, medical practitioners' offices, and various corporate settings. Notably, Joseph has undertaken commissioned projects for CEOs and executive teams of enterprises spanning the nation. In addition to these accomplishments, he cultivates direct relationships with a discerning network of private collectors and small businesses throughout the United States.​


Joseph's overarching mission as an artist is to leverage his creative prowess to enrich the lives of others, fostering a sense of value and connection through his work.

Start Your Creative Path

​Fine Art

  • Original Artwork

  • Custom Commissioned Artwork 

  • Customizable Shadow Box Framing

Commercial Art

  • Murals

  • Framed CNC Logo Fabrication

  • Marketing Campaigns - Showcase Brands / Products Through Content

  • Creative Consultation - Art / Design Projects

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